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The Mulhollan Family

During our recent trip to Houston we had the honor of taking the Mulhollan’s pictures.  Their daughters were full of sweet smiles and laughter.  We walked around the quaint town of Old Town Spring making use of the variety of backdrops, whether it be an old building or a grassy field.  Thank you, Mulhollan Family!


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Chris and Beth – Maternity Session

While visiting family and friends in northern Illinois, I had the opportunity to take maternity pictures of my nephew and his wife.  The weather was perfect; temperatures in the 70’s, gorgeous clouds and the wildflowers were in full bloom.

I loved having the opportunity to take pictures of them during this special time.  I can’t wait to meet baby Luna.

Congrats, Chris and Beth!


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The Nagayama Family

This photo session meant a lot to me.  These are our next door neighbors, The Nagayamas.  Earlier in the year when my dog Aspen was having some health issues, Mariko was here to help me.  I could not lift Aspen up to get her into the car by myself because she was having something like a seizure.  Since I was home alone and most people were at work, I didn’t know who to turn to.  I knocked on their door and she gladly came to help me even though it was a tough job.  To thank them, I took their family portraits – so happy their furry family member joined them!  Thank you, Nagayama Family!



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Wildlife Wednesday – Baby Bunny

Today I’m posting a special “Wildlife Wednesday” story.

Throughout the spring, we have noticed a bunny in our backyard. We assumed she was going to have babies somewhere, but did not know when or where.

About two weeks ago our dog Dixie discovered an interesting “hole” in the yard. I called her over to me and noticed there was what I thought at the time feathers on her nose. I thought she had gotten ahold of a baby bird and was totally grossed out. I called my husband John outside to go inspect the poor animal and told him that I didn’t want to hear any details. He kept quiet but went into the garage and came out with a box to put over it. All I could think of was great – now we have an injured bird covered by a box – poor thing.

He went out every day to check on it and finally after a few days he told me to come see it. I hesitantly went out and peeked inside the box, dreading what I was about to see. To my relief and surprise it was an adorable baby bunny! So young that it’s eyes were not open. The “feathers” on Dixie’s nose were not feathers at all, just some fluff that was over the baby.

The mama bunny stayed watch over the baby most of the day and at night we saw her go into the box. She never minded us coming over and taking a peek.


Last night I had the privilige to see the baby come out for the first time! Mama was exploring the entire back yard, then went to the box and before you know it, baby was outside exploring too. This kept mama very busy, she had to chase off squirrels, as you can see by the picture below, and try to keep track of baby.


Here’s one more picture of proud mama bunny with her baby. I am looking forward to watching him (or her) grow up.:-)


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